About us.

“Vision without action is a dream, action without vision is a nightmare.”

Josue Torres

He started as a software developer in 2007 to later be an analyst and afterwards head of Technical Support.

In 2014 he decided to start as a business analyst and QA being responsible for the analysis and quality of projects in Waterfall and Agile.

For 2016 he begins his first steps as QA Lead in specialized banking applications at the Stock Exchange for Credit Suisse based in New York.

In 2017 he jumps to be QA Manager in one of the most important startups in Mexico, founding an interdisciplinary.

For 2020 he had the opportunity to assume the position of Principal Software Engineer in Test in a global company, expanding and improving his technical skills, and in 2022 he assumes the position of Software Test Engineer Manager managing a team distributed all over the world.

Also in 2014 he founded a company dedicated to the verification of Mexican Commercial Standards.

“Thinking outside the box”

Angélica Aguirre

She started as a Graphic and Multimedia Designer in 2013 and later in 2015 as Technical Support Analyst.

For 2016 she started as a Functional Tester and a year later he obtained her first position as Quality Assurance Lead, reformulating the team processes and creating a new team from scratch.

In 2018, she joined one of the most important startups in Mexico as QA Analyst, helping to found the new area in a place where the QA role did not exist.

In 2020 she again takes on the role of Quality Assurance Lead working with multicultural teams, defining and improving team processes.

At the end of 2021 and up to date, she became Quality Assurance Manager of one of the most important Fintech companies in Mexico City.

In 2023, she becomes a Quality Engineer at one of the most important US startups working with agile methodologies.