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  • The nightmare of maintaining your automated tests

    If it hurts, then something (or everything) could be wrong. Evaluate your strategy and start applying some of the recommendations that make more sense for you, keep in mind that end-to-end tests are expensive and complex, however, bring you a good level of confidence in critical paths of your application.

  • Stop doing test plans, focus on a strategy.

    In the context of agile software development teams, some quality engineers keep trying to use test plans, when those aren’t focused on agility. Stop trying to make a plan against uncertainty or circumstances that tend to change instead, define a strategy driven by a common goal.

  • Production is just another test environment.

    In one of the companies where I collaborated, I talked part in a discussion about the scope of testing of a service that connects to a well-known financial institution in Mexico. If you have worked with this institution you will know that they have a sanbox environment, which allows us as quality engineers to perform…

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